64th Annual Communication & Grand Master Banquet

21 October 2017 08:00 - 21:30


8:00  Registration 

Committee on Credential

08:30  Grand Lodge Opening

 M. W. Dennis Liao, Grand Master

Opening Prayer

 V. R. Arthur Chen

 Reception of Master Masons

 Welcome Past Grand Masters

Welcome Foreign Masonic Dignities

09:15  Receive the National Flag

09:20 Invocation

 V. R. Arthur Chen

09:30  Opening Remarks of Grand Master

M. W. Dennis Liao, Grand Master

09:30 Short Recess – Foreign Distinguish Guests retire

09:40  Reading of Summons of 64th Annual Communication

 V. W. David Tseng, Grand Secretary

 Roll Call

 V. W. David Tseng, Grand Secretary

09:50  Report of Committee on Credential

 R. W. Dupree Chia, Junior Grand Warden

10:00 Welcome the Delegates

 R. W. Pi-Song Tsai, Deputy Grand Master 

 Response on behalf of Delegates

 W. Gerhardus Thompson, Master of Szechwan Lodge No. 4

 Welcome the Grand Representatives

R.W. Jackson Cheng, Senior Grand Warden

 Response on behalf of Grand Representatives 

 W. Rankin Hsu, Grand Marshal

10:20 Grand Master announce a break for 10 minutes

10:30  Report of Grand Master

 M. W. Dennis Liao, Grand Master

 Committee on Necrology

V. R. Arthur Chen

Report of Committee on Audit

 M. W. Norman Pin, PGM

Report of Grand Treasurer

 V. W. Jun-Chi Hsu, Grand Treasurer

 Report of Grand Secretary

 V. W. David Tseng, Grand Secretary

Committee on Grievance

 R. W. Dupree Chia

Committee on Jurisprudence

 M. W. Goshen Tsao.

Committee on Temple Executive Council

 R. W. Pi-Song Tsai

Committee on Reconstruction of China Masonic Temple

 W. Henry Lee Fa-Han

 Newsletter and Editorial Committee

W. Henry Lee Fa-Han

 Reports of various Committees

12:00  Recess for Lunch

13:30  Review Report of Grand Master’s Report

13:40  Election of Grand Officers, Directors & Supervisors

 Eligible to those who have votes only

14:40  Announcement of the Appointive Grand Officers 

Grand Master elected

14:45  Recess for preparation of Installation

15:00  Installation of Grand Officers 2015-2016

16:00  Congratulations

18:30  Dinner & Place 

Sunworld Dynasty Hotel  -100 Dun Hua North Road, Taipei 10549



All Dates

  • 21 October 2017 08:00 - 21:30
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